Luthier Louis Hayes


Louis studied at The American School of Lutherie, where he learned to build classical and steel string acoustic guitars under the tutelage of Charles Fox and other expert luthiers. He currently operates a one-man guitar building and repair shop in Paonia, Colorado on the Western Slope of the West Elk Mountains.


The Guitars


“It is my personal goal to build the best playing, best sounding and best looking guitar you have ever known”

Luthier Louis HayesPaonia, Colorado

Hayes guitars are a reflection of the time and attention put into every detail, in order to craft an instrument of delightful playability with a colorful articulate voice, wide dynamic range and rich sustain.

To achieve these ends only the finest woods are chosen; selected for their tonal properties as well as their beauty and strength. The wood is then seasoned and air dried in the high Rocky Mountain shop for as long as 25 years. Once the wood is selected for a project, it is carefully worked into its acoustic potential; resulting in a work of aural art.